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Daynes Farm

About Us

Family not Factory

Dave, Helen, Emily, Elliot and Alfred welcome you to Daynes Farm. We are a family run organic farm farming 100acres across the South Hams but mainly based in Harberton just outside Totnes in Devon

We are huge believers that we are just custodians of the countryside. We want to farm in the most sustainable way, produce the best produce. We want to improve the land, soil, environment so that we can pass it on to the next custodians in a better condition. All our cattle, sheep and goats graze outside for the majority of the time and fed only produce we have produced. Having a diverse rotation helps the soil and animals get the best nutrients.

Totally Organic

The majority of our land is in a Countryside Stewardship scheme. Some of the options are Leaving spring barley stubble for the Cirl Buntings, restoring and maintaining hedgerows and providing nectar sources for insects. We practice regenerative farming which seeks to regenerate the land, soil and water, as well as enhance the wider environment and improve the nutrient density of food produced. When combined with regenerative practices, they go beyond what is merely ‘sustainable’ – i.e. preserving the status quo – and, instead, work positively to repair our soils, rivers and landscapes for future generations. 

Grass fed

We farm 150 South Devon beef suckler cows, rearing all the youngstock. We have 340 mainly mule ewes, rearing all the lambs, a small flock of Dartmoor Whiteface sheep and 40 nanny Boer meat goats, rearing all the youngstock. We are in our second year of growing veg for Riverford. We are growing courgettes, leeks, cabbages and kale. Veg has been a great addition our rotation and a good learning curve for us.

We calf 80 cows in March/April time and 70 in July/August. We lamb 220 in February/March time and 120 in April. All the goats kid in February. We grow 20 acres of fodder beat for the sheep and cattle to graze and 30 acres of Spring Barley which is fed to our own cattle. This year we are growing 10 acres of maize for the first time!